"Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Everyone knows a stone can’t give you milk. It’s not in its nature.

It doesn’t matter if you badger it, whine at it, try to seduce it or get down on your knees and pray to it — it still can’t give you what it doesn’t have.

If you keep banging your head against the stone to try and get it to give you milk, you’ll end up with a headache and bruises and not much else.

And yet, this is what we do each day. We look to the people in our lives — or to our work, or our hobbies, or our bank balances — to give us what we so desperately need.

A sense of who we are. Love. Connection. Appreciation. Security. Permission to be ourselves. Forgiveness for our shortcomings.

And when the Stones in our lives can’t give us what we want, we’re broken-hearted. Bewildered.

Meanwhile, the light of the Sacred lives in our hearts, silently offering us everything we need.

Love. Safety. Connection. Appreciation. Reminders of our wholeness and our radiance.

All we have to do is take our attention off of that stone, and turn around to receive what’s being given to us from the Source of all nourishment.

That glass of milk? It’s yours for the asking."

-Hiro Boga